Beyond the Future

From our rivers to our


The driving forces of the sustainability on digital revolution are connecting people towards the transformation process of our society.

Custódia Rebocho


The planet is the beginning and the end. Humanity has always depended on it, and today it depends on humanity. 

Bluegrowth arises from the need to combine knowledge and technology to meet the challenges of the planet’s present and the future of humanity.

The relationship we establish with the world we live in depends on our survival, we depend on it in all circumstances, and humanity needs answers to ensure the quality of the land that we tread, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Food is among the most pressing ones. The dissipation of the marine resources is nearing the end, it is necessary to discover sustainable alternatives that guarantee our subsistence and the continuity of a healthy sea.

Our intervention mobilizes the knowledge and technology to foster economical development protecting the quality of our land, our air and our water on which our future depends.