Mission & Values

From green to


Bluegrowth is a science-based company inspired by the sea, having the mission to promote knowledge, innovation and technological development for the smart, inclusive and sustainable development of the world we live in.

From people to people

We are a multidisciplinary team, with competences from social sciences to engineering, linked by an attitude of transformation based on knowledge, beliefs and moral that we call "Ocean's Culture".

From the sea to society

The sustainable exploitation of our oceans it is crucial to break the collapse of the natural resources and create new concepts of well-being and happiness for humans and other species with whom we share the planet.

We aim to contribute for the construction of a conscious society

Awaken to risks and threats, insightful in actions, aware of its resources, and responsible for its impacts.

From disruption to democratization

We fight against our threats, working togheter with the economic and scientific communities, developing and democratizing technological innovations that, from space to the depths of the ocean, enable us to aspire progress by mitigating impacts and combating asymmetries.

A culture based on values

We are driven by the values of Curiosity, Imagination and Engineering. 

Curiosity stimulates knowledge, Imagination promotes innovation and together they raise Engineering to overcome the complexity of the different shades of blue that cover our Planet.