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We are all responsable for planet earth and we must respect it. From land to ocean every human action has an effect, so we must care our presence and all the relations we establish either with the earth and the sea and with all other living beings.

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In Bluegrowth all the aims and concernes are strongly commited with the Sustainable Development Goals.

All our partners share the same vision, so our projects respond, according to their nature, to various SGD. Finnaly, thanks to this diversity, we end up responding to 14 from the 17:

Goal 1 - Fight against Poverty 

Providing appropriate new technology to enable the poor to acess basic needs.

Goal 2 - Fight against Zero Hunger 

Enabling smart and sustainable ocean farming operations.

Goal 3 - Fight for Health and Well-being 

Providing offgrid systems for water dessalination and purification as a way to combat disease.

Goal 5 - Fight for Gender Equality

Creating opportunities and tools that fight for inclusion and equal rights.

Goal 6 - Fight for Clean Water and Sanitation

Providing technologies for the smart management of water resources.

Goal 7 - Fight for Affordable and Clean Energy

Enabling renewable energy sources to produce energy anywhere. 

Goal 8 - Fight for Decent Work and Economic Growth

Using Robots, Smart Sensing and Automation that will move humanity towards a new age of prosperity.

Goal 9 - Fight for Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Encouraging competitive economic forces build upon smart and inclusive production processes.

Goal 11 - Fight for Sustainable Cities and Communities

Developing business models that empower citizens to build resilient communities.

Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Promoting resources and energy efficiency and sustainable infrastructures.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Supporting the overall goal of the digitalization which must have a clear contribution towards Earth’s decarbonization.

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Providing technological innovation, the key for sustainable discovery and exploitation of the seas and oceans.

Goal 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Promoting projects based upon social economy.

Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Strong partnerships that help us to achieve all goals.