Smart & Sustainable Biotech Industries

Ground Zero

With the financial support of "Fundo Azul", Bluegrowth develops a disruptive cyber-physical system with the ability to monitor, decide and act autonomously on the different production processes on the emerging bioeconomy industries.

The Sea is designated as the least explored region of the planet. 

This blue immensity hides countless species and bioactive compounds, accessible due to the advance of diving technologies, laboratory manipulation and molecular biology that have led marine organisms and molecules to gain space in the so-called Blue Bioeconomy.

In this context, the Ground Zero project was born to leverage new trends in digitization in aquaculture and other biotechnology industries.

Overall Goals

  • Expand the knowledge to stimulate growth, productivity, competitiveness and sustainability in the Blue Bioeconomics Segments;
  • Stimulate the investment in productive systems based on the principles of the Circular Economy;
  • Contribute to the economic valuation of scientific knowledge through the creation of qualified jobs, interaction between the scientific and technological system.