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We always find the solution to our most complex problems. From management systems to robotics, we can rely on Bluegrowth's staff to optimise our production processes.

Doruk Holvik

Seabass Producer

If we get it right!...

Aquaculture could feed the world's population and protect the planet where we are living in.

What if we had the chance to reinvent the world’s food system and make local sustainable food?

In fact it might seem like an ambitious idea, but with 9 billion people expected on our planet by 2050, it’s a must and aquaculture can solve it!

We rely on technological innovation to enable aquaculture industries on...

... shorten supply chains and grow food locally, using resources and space efficiently and operate in harmony with the environment.

Food production must get smarter! 

We must use resources like land and freshwater more efficiently, emit less carbon and limit overall the impact on the environment.

Bluegrowth is the strategic partner of industries that want to meet this challenge. 

With have an extense portfolio of technological solutions and services for aquaculture. We offer smart solutions for water quality management, environmental monitoring and automation of production processes. 

With strong skills on underwater robotics, we provide services and solutions for underwater inspection, surveillance, repairs, maintenance and many other critical operations.

With a multidisciplinary team with expertise from the social sciences to the most emergent areas of engineering, we generate value with our clients and partners in sharing knowledge through our consulting, engineering and inspection services.

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