Food Processing

High tech is changing the world of

Fish Processing

Scientific developments in the food industry have resulted in significant increases in the productivity and adaptability of goods as market needs arise.

António Alexandre

Executive Chef

Food is one of the primary requirements of a human being to live in the world. 

Without food, a person will not be able to get energy for doing day to day work. To provide more food to the ever-growing population of the people, technology step into the field.

Today new techniques and ideas are used for producing food. 

Failure in the existing technologies in food processing has led to the invention of new methods.

From robots to artificial intelligence, advancements in technology continue to astonish and influence. 

When it comes to the food industry, a growing number of companies are experimenting with how technology can improve their products and bottom line.

Bluegrowht offers a wide range of consulting and engineering services specializing in the development of sustainable and cost-effective fish processing methods.

From market research, through product development, to assembling highly efficient production lines, Bluegrowth is the strategic partner for industries aiming to be a step ahead in food innovation.

With a multidisciplinary team with expertise from the social sciences to the most emergent areas of engineering, we generate value with our clients and partners in sharing knowledge through our consulting, engineering and inspection services.

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