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People who have lived on the coast for thousands of years have given rise to huge cities and megacities that now face immense challenges related to the water they use or the water that threatens them.

Bluegrowth provides knowledge and tools to enable coastal and waterfront smart growth.

Climate change is one of the most serious global challenges of this century. Recent events have emphatically demonstrated our growing vulnerability to climate change. Climate change is fast turning out to be a big challenge for cities, where these major settlements are expanding into high risk prone areas to satisfy recurring demand of housing, food, energy, water and livelihoods, especially cities along coasts.

Environmental Impact

Reducing the CO2 footprint is the main driver behind the development of smart and sustainable cities. Improving energy efficiency and storage, waste management, traffic conditions are among the greatest advantage.

Optimised Energy & Water 

Smart grids and smart water management are recurring themes of smart cities. Energy consumption and potable water monitoring ensure the availability of energy and the quality of tap water across the city.

Resilient Infrastructures

The reliable inspections and maintenance of submerged equipments and infrastructures  is the main strategy to ensure the longevity, safety and profitability of the city's legacy.

Bluegrowth provides innovative water quality solutions and underwater robotics to move our cities beyhond the compliance.

Smart Water Distribution

Water utilities are under pressure from growing demand, water stress, increasing energy prices and aging water systems. Manage the water supply network efficiently using advanced metering technology and smart software services.

Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment plants should use online analyzers to monitor and control treatment processes. Controlling the levels of different parameters can make treatment processes more reliable and cost effective.

Environmental Control

Keep your water resources safe. Monitor and control the impact of anthropogenic activities on the water quality of your rivers, lakes, aquifers and coastal waters.

Underwater Operations

Execute the inspection, maintenance and repair operations on submerged equipment and infrastructures using advanced underwater robotics.

Smart Coastal Cities


With a multidisciplinary team with expertise from the social sciences to the most emergent areas of engineering, we generate value with our clients and partners in sharing knowledge through our consulting, engineering and inspection services.

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