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The ocean is one of the richest — and most underutilized — resources on Earth. We are working on knowledge and technological solutions that increase our ability to tap it as a sustainable resource for food, energy, trade, and tourism and leisure.

Hugo Metelo Diogo

Executive Director

We plan, design and implement intelligent production systems, inspired by the latest technological trends with respect by the natural ecosystems.

Ocean Engineering 

A combination of mechanical, electrical, civil, acoustical, and chemical engineering, coupled with the understanding of how the oceans work. 

Our team works closely to marine biologists, oceanographers, geophysicists and entrepreneurs to find solutions and create tools to help them break the unknown from the depths of the oceans or to implement advanced production systems that use or impact on ocean health.

We turn complex problems into reliable solutions able to stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use and able to survive the harsh conditions of the ocean environment.

Coastal Engineering 

We have the technical background and practical skills to plan, model, design and manage coastal engineering and port development projects, analysing coastal problems and conceive appropriate solutions.  

Coastal regions all over the globe experience environmental pressure both due to human interventions, exploitation and occupation and due to climate change impacts. Coastal engineering aims to contribute to resolving the various conflicting interests between the coastal environment and human use of the coastal environment. 

We learn how to generate social and environmental value while supporting the prosperity of our customers' operations.

With whom we generate value