World Aquaculture Society WAS and the European Aquaculture Society EAS, the event hosts.

Trough all the 200 exhibitors, from all over the world, presenting several products and solutions gave us the chance to find some important partners to do business with. 

The event was co-organised by EAS and WAS and brought together 3003 participants from 109 countries. 

This event also comprised an excellent scientific conference, some trade exhibitions, industry forums, 300 poster contributions and several workshops. 

Aquaculture respects the environment

Climate change and ocean acidification may impact production so there is a need to consider how the industry may deal with this problem and how investigation can help finding the solutions. 

And also because of this global issue, aquaculture is considered the primary method of meeting the growing demand for aquatic products.

Being one of the most important food production industries in the world, Aquaculture can do it with high-quality, contributing to global health and wealth.

 It also creates employment and offers significant investment opportunities, once joined producers, investors, suppliers, processors, vendors, scientists, educators, students and the consumers of farmed aquatic products.

In this European event Aquaculture was presented, such as Bluegrowth has been advocating, as “the most efficient producer of high-quality food and contributes to global health and wealth”

In fact, Aquaculture can be a sustainable solution to the serious problems facing the planet with food supplies. It can mitigate the human need for fish, in a healthy and safe way, thanks to innovative techological solutions, provided by entreprises such as Bluegrowth.