Underwater Inspections


Maintenance & Inspections

Proative maintenance based on routine inspections is the best practice for the long-term care and success of any submerged equipment or infrastructure.

Hugo Metelo Diogo

Executive Director

We use the most advanced robotics to perform underwater inspections, maintenance and repairs.

With our technologies and knowledge, all the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair operations of submerged equipment and infrastructures can be accomplished reliably in the most rough environments and adverse natural conditions.

By equipping robots with sonars, cameras, sensors and advanced techniques for data processing, our advanced services of underwater inspections can find what neither the human eye nor video systems can capture. With a fleet of robots equiped with a mechanical arm,  we can also performe complex underwater repair operations and rescues.

Our team and technologies are ready to perform the most complex underwater operations for: 
  • Municipalities (water pipes, sewage systems, reservoirs, ...);
  • Industries (nuclear, oil & gas, renewable offshore energy, ...); 
  • Marine Sciences (environmental control, hydrography, research...);
  • Public Infrastructures (bridges, dams, subaquatic cables, ....)
  • Ports & Harbours 
  • Aquaculture

We learn how to generate social and environmental value while supporting the prosperity of our customers' operations.

With whom we generate value